Usetech’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

Using our experience as an example, we can state that today artificial intelligence (AI) is quite actively used to solve important practical tasks, but so far this implementation and use is fragmentary. That is, locally, within the framework of optimizing a business process in some area. For example, we have been developing various AI-based models of energy consumption for oil fractionation units, but not for the entire technological process, but only a small part of it. Or we realized projects to search for hydrocarbons and ore deposits, but without taking into account their efficient extraction.

In terms of computer vision in recent years, we have solved many problems. For example, tasks on recognizing pellets on a conveyor belt to reduce the downtime of mills and remote monitoring of power lines. Other practical aspects of AI implementation were related to the automatic selection and design of a contract template depending on the type of contractor for a client with more than 1,000 contractors, or the development of algorithms for building a dynamic evacuation plan in case of smoke from fires or gas leaks in a building and modeling the spread of a cloud of gas contamination from moving objects.

And this is just a small part of the projects that Usetech team has realized in recent years. If you are interested in an AI-based solution, contact us via the contact form on the website: