Business Intelligence Services

Along with IT consulting and other areas, Business Intelligence (BI) services are gaining popularity among companies that want to take their business to the next level and increase profits.

With the help of special tools, specialists receive and process business data, identifying trends, patterns, and causes of certain situations. Based on the data obtained, owners can make business decisions.

Business analytics is more narrowly focused and as a tool is becoming more popular and important for companies around the world, as the total amount of data increases.

Using cloud analytics tools, companies can consolidate data from different departments (sales, marketing, human resources, and finance). Visualization, forecasting, and scenario modeling provide unique, company-wide statistics of different types, and make the right business decision.

Usetech provides several types of services for your business, and you can choose what’s right for you.


What services do we offer?


Usetech helps businesses become more efficient with business intelligence solutions and increase profits. Our experts, who have extensive experience in different areas and with different projects, will help improve business strategy and business behavior with BI solutions.

  • AI-enabled Business Intelligence

    Business analytics using AI will allow you to receive new information from previously unused data. This effective method will help companies transform their business and improve it.

  • Machine Learning-powered searchable BI

    The combination of BI solutions and ML will take your business to the next level, opening up new opportunities for it. And our experts, who have expertise in both BI and ML, will help you draw up a correct and effective business strategy.

  • Personalization and customer insights

    The values ​and needs of future and existing consumers will allow you to adjust your sales and improve it for a better user experience.

  • Sales and market intelligence

    Sales and market analysis will examine consumer behavior and predict trends. To remain competitive in the market, companies must use a business intelligence tool to gain a deep understanding of their field. Our highly trained professionals with industry expertise will help you analyze and offer a solution for your business.

  • Improve process efficiency

    Business Intelligence tools will make your workflows more automated and productive. Usetech is ready to help you develop a customized business strategy using modern technologies.