IT Consulting Services

Innovative technologies lead to global transformations in the competitive landscape. To maintain their competitiveness, companies are forced not only to be aware of events, but also to promptly introduce advanced technologies into their own business. But how can you track all business trends and stay afloat in a highly competitive market?

The first thing that comes to mind is IT consulting. These are highly professional IT consulting services provided by consulting or IT companies using modern information technologies in their own business. It helps to increase the efficiency of business processes, gain competitive advantages from introducing and applying IT technology, and reduce the cost of implementing any IT solutions within the current business.

Usetech helps businesses identify growth points and think through a development strategy based on modern technologies and approaches.

What services do we offer?

IT Consulting Services

Usetech can help improve the efficiency of your business, optimize your time and resources, and save finances.

Benefits of IT consulting for your business

— Return on investment

— Introduction of advanced technologies

— Access to broad knowledge bases.

Software Development Consulting Services

Providing clients with technology that caters to their requirements is part of software consulting services. This type of consulting also assists the customer with creating an idea and giving them a better understanding of it. Customers are shown the directions in which they should move.

If you are interested in consulting on software development, our specialists are ready to help you.


— Enhanced effectiveness

— Increased savings in expenses

— Increased safety

— Process improvements

— Improved user experience.

Mobile App Development Consulting Services

Mobile app development consulting services provide businesses with distinctive concepts and plans for applications that enable them to gain an edge over their competitors. These services assist businesses in expanding their market by conducting extensive research. Before beginning the app creation procedure, the app consultation will provide suggestions from professionals.


— Establishing a precise mobile strategy

— A thorough analysis of competitors

— Consultations regarding MVP improvements to make a profit

— Market entry plan.

DevOps Consulting Services

Enlisting the help of a professional team to bring DevOps best practices to a project’s software creation and distribution process is what DevOps IT consulting services encompass. Usetech provides direction, tactics and technical expertise to improve the efficiency and standard of software development.


— Streamlining the software creation procedure, which leads to faster upgrades and releases
— Encouraging cooperation among development and operations teams, resulting in greater interaction and quicker issue solving
— Identifying and eliminating error-prone manual processes, leading to fewer errors.

Data Science Consulting Services

Data Science is the research of Big Data processing. Big Data is a massive amount of disorganized data. That is why Data Science tools and skills may be valuable. The main objective of data experts is to help businesses find the best data science tools for their mission to maximize the effectiveness of the business.

Our specialists are professionals with many years of experience in working with Big Data. They are ready to analyze your request and suggest the right solution.


— Using ML and AI to automate data analysis and thus improve the predictability of business and decision-making processes

— Risk assessment and prevention

— Huge possibilities for privacy and hyper-personalization of goods and services, i.e., providing enhanced client approach.

Business Intelligence Consulting Services

Business Intelligence (BI) consulting is all about assisting a company in implementing different structures and processes to improve data management and processing. A company has a better chance of completing data growth faster if it hires BI consultants.


— Bringing knowledge and objectivity, which aids in evaluating the unique requirements of the business

— A streamlined strategy to integrate a BI system into the business

— Improved visibility into different business functions

— Greater likelihood of steering the growth through the right strategy.

Big Data Consulting Services

Data analytics assists clients in making important business decisions, forecasting, and strategic planning. Many small businesses are considering using Big Data to establish a competitive advantage.


— Savings optimization and assisting its clients in establishing their operations

— End-to-end efficiency and help in solving big data problems

— Technical knowledge

— In-depth analysis without bias.

Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud technology is the on-demand delivery of IT assets over the internet (cloud) to a linked pool of IT assets, such as servers, apps, networks, and services.  The task of consulting is to analyze specific existing engineering and software solutions to eliminate risks, reduce costs and increase the fault tolerance of systems not only at the moment but also in the future.


— Affordability. When you use cloud assistance for your company, you save money on network upkeep

— Pricing flexibility and scaling. When you work with a flexible cloud consulting agency, you can set your price for the services

— Backups of extra data

— Software updates are performed automatically.

Didn’t find a suitable service in the list? Contact us and tell us about your request, and we will tell you how we can help!